Friday, May 10, 2013

Free Internet Access Using Your freedom VPN

Free Internet Access Using Your freedom VPN

There are many VPN software which offer free internet but what came to my attention is this one called "your-freedom" I have been using it for quit sometime but now am on to it since wi free and pd proxy were blocked by our locak networks (Orange broadband)


The software is a bit more completed as compared to wi free or pd proxy. It gives a trial account which contains 3 hrs for usage per day. Speed of the internet depends on your modem but it really works. It contains UDP, TCP, and DNS transmission protocols.

You can download it here.


If you want to register for a free account you can do it here


  Step 1.

After you have downloaded the software instaall it on your computer then open it.


Step 2.

Under the status navigation bar look for configure button and click on it, another dialogue box will appear with various options.


Step 3.

Click on the "account information" tab enter the username and the password that you had earlier registered


Step 4.

Then click on the "proxy settings" tab


Step 5.

click on the "wizard" button


Step 6.

Click "next" button

do not touch anything on the drop down menu


Step 7.

Click next again


Step 8.

next again Make sure the following are ticked 


(b) HTTP

(c) FTP

(d) UDP

(e) DNS


Step 9.


click on the "server connection" button on the menu then click "wizard"

Wait for the servers to finish scanning.

When done click any of the server and finally click next.


Step 10.

 click "save and exit"


Step 11.

click "start connection" button

Wait until you are connected.

To know if you are connected check whether it receiving and sending.

If it takes 3 minutes before it connects, change the server and use another one.

This software also gives VPN services with unlimited bundwidth for premium accounts.

If you require the voucher code code credit your account call me on +254701374705 or +254735728356 or

A credited/premium account is very fast not even compare to a free account.


If you have any queries pls hit them up below the blog

Thanks guys.


  1. I have been looking for a way to go about the orange network since it's been blocking the use of pdproxy and wi-free .. hope this works and I will be pleased to buy from you .. will test and let you know. thanks .

    1. Did you succeed. If not I have other ways.

    2. could you please tell me other ways...and which serevrs preferably you used in this method

  2. hi brother, pls send me your freedom voucher code!!! can you help me???

  3. Hi, please educate a brother here. does it mean one surfs and downloads from the net with out the cost of data bundles?

  4. Please I need a freedom voucher code

  5. Before I go further guys, please let me know if this will work in Singapore and philippines

  6. hello, my configuration is saying "your proxy settings do not seem to be working." What should I do?

  7. Samuel Kihigi can u plx tell me a way to hack a usb mobile broadband modem to get unlimited free internet
    i want a working trick

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  9. What`s the name of the software kindly

  10. hi, you should review ZPN vpn. Gives 10gb monthly and has good speed. Allows you to change your server in 20+ location.

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